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Cuor di Bue Tomato Seeds Gargini Sementi

Cuor di Bue Tomato Seeds Gargini Sementi

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Sachet of Cuor di Bue Tomato seeds. Late variety, very vigorous plant, with indeterminate growth that produces large, elongated and slightly ribbed fruits that resemble the shape of a heart, from which the name derives.

The fruits have very few seeds and a fleshy pulp, which is why they are mainly consumed raw in salads. Tasty and rich in nutrients, these tomatoes are famous for their size, in optimal conditions they can produce fruit weighing almost 1 kg.

It is sown from March to May in the open ground and harvested from July to October.

High quality seeds carefully selected by the seed company Gargini Sementi of Lucca, active since 1890.

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