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Box created by us for a super family garden!

Contains 15 maxi vegetable garden bags of Gargini Sementi seeds :

1x Classic Italian Basil and 1x Parsley a must in every vegetable garden.

1x Chicory salad to bring something different to the table every day, 1x Gentilina Lettuce.

1x Crimson Sweet variety watermelon with very sweet pulp.

1x Round Saint Pierre Tomato variety known for its "juiciness" is suitable both for fresh consumption and for the preparation of sauces and preserves, 1x Genoese courgette , early cycle variety that produces beautiful light green fruit, 1x Long Violetta di Firenze aubergine , 1x Classic Red Pepper , 1x Long Green Cucumber from the greengrocers, slightly thorny variety, can also be consumed with the peel.

1x Green Celery , very vigorous variety with wide and round ribs, 1x Nantes Carrot , very productive and early cycle selection.

1x Ferrari dwarf green bean , 100 g bag of seeds, all-eating variety, does not require supports.

1x Chard with wide silver ribs, harvested from mid-May to the end of February, 1x Savoy cabbage from Vertus, late variety, sown at the end of spring and harvested from August to late November.

This large box is ideal for those who want to plant a large and varied family vegetable garden, for serial green thumbs and for those who never want to run out of vegetables....or spend too much time idle!

High quality seeds carefully selected by the seed company Gargini Sementi of Lucca, active since 1890.

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